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On this final episode of 2019, Pickles holds a roundtable discussion with local political candidates Michael Vilardi (Congressional Candidate for FL Dist. 21) and Sayd Hussain (Candidate for FL State Representative, Dist. 91). Ed Lynch Co-Hosts.

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Pickles and Pizza are back in the backyard of Roger Stone’s Sunny South Florida Home, this time “post-FBI-raid” — accompanied by D3L Star (our “humble” Producer), and Rey Perez (of “The Rey Perez Show”). After manging on Signore Stone’s homemade Sunday gravy and ziti, the crew sits down to smoke stogies and powwow over the parameters of RS’s “gag order”, his upcoming trial/Obama appointed judge, McCabe and Rosenstein’s lame attempt at a silent coup d'état circa the 25th Amendment, the senate finding zero evidence of Russian Collusion, and much more, with the boys on this episode of BOBBY PICKLES’ PODCAST™️.

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Pickles and Pizza conduct this 115th Episode of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast with Full Stomachs ON-LOCATION from the Sunny South Florida Home of Infamous Political Consultant and Trump Confidant, ROGER STONE (just a few days prior to Stone being indicted by Mueller and swat-teamed by FBI at that same very home) — Roger is most definitely a Stone, which Does Not Sink! Even Under the Epic Pressures of Robert Mueller and The Deep State.

The following conversation covers various subject matters, including, but not limited to: Miami Herald Staff Writer, Carl Hiaasen, an anti-job leftist who constantly attacks the sugar industry in this State of Florida; CT Politics and Common Ancestry; The NFL Scandal the President should be Tweeting About; Starting out as a Tradition Conservative and Evolving into a Libertarian, i.e. “If You Are Not a Conservative at 25, You Have No Brain. If You Are Not a Liberal at 35 You Have No Heart”; The Conscience of a Conservative by Barry Goldwater; Black, Manafort, Stone, and Atwater; HUEY LONG, Trump, and Populism happening on both the Left and the Right; and, The Vanishing American Dream.

Censorship of the Internet is the #1 Takeaway!

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